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About Us

We are group of people who shares the idea of spreading happiness all around the world. We want you to find your Life partner, soulmate, twin, best friend or may be even some relationships that we can’t define in simple words. We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with local and international partnerships that ensures you the best experience through our app. We want to find the best partner that you are looking for in a very simple way. With state of the art match making system we ensure to find you the best possible partner from your twin cities or from anywhere in the globe.

Advertise with us

Advertising with Twinning App can help expand your business by exposing you to an educated and well-informed audience in almost all types of categories. The bulk of our users falls into the 18-55 age group but also predominates in the 60+ age group; our users span seven continents primarily concentrated in Middle East, Asian, European, and America citizens.

We offer affordable price for all kinds of advertisements with guaranteed results. We also promote the ads on our social-media links, providing maximum exposure for your product

Work with us

We are passionate about our customers’ happiness, which we help to enable through our people and innovative technology solutions, as well as living our core values. If you are as passionate about customer experience as we are, then we welcome you to join us. Drop your cv in

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an Account?

Go to the Signup option and then enter your Name, Email address, Password, and Confirm Password. Then click Create Account.

What if I forgot my password?

Click forgot password on login page then enter your email. Click reset password. You will receive a link in your mail you can reset the password through that link.

Do you offer any matchmaking services?

Yes. We handpick each of your matches that are very similar to your interests and lifestyle through our survey system and let you interact in a very secure and simple interface. Our process of matchmaking is very detailed as a result, you are always provided with the perfect match you are looking for.

Can I see when someone was last online?

Yes, You can switch off this function in the settings section

I accidentally gave a like. Can I reverse this?

No, be careful when you like someone. You can later be unmatched when they have also matched you.

Is my personal information safe?

Your personal information’s are completely safe with us