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Bringing Yours Souls Together

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Find Your Twin

Have you ever wondered about meeting someone just like you anywhere on the globe? We made it our mission to help you find your twin in places you would have never imagined finding your twin in. be it your town of residence, your city’s twin town (yes you read it correctly, even cities have twins), or anywhere else in the world. We developed our revolutionary algorithm and platform for that specific reason, have you always been in our minds.

Find Your Soulmate

Have We, like you; are frustrated with hearing people say there is a lot of fish in the sea. We, like you; want that one unique fish that makes us feel different that challenges our inner core. Our motto for that is “If you are in the process of finding your soulmate, the entire universe will act as your wing-man”. We also offer different kinds of interactive methods to make sure you are finding the perfect match.

Book Flight, Hotel, Buy Gifts & Apply for Visa

Our job does not stop there. Remember we are your wingman!! What is the point of finding your twin or soulmate without being able to reach out to them? We, at twinning, have partnered with first-class worldwide Online Travel Agencies to assist you in reaching out to your significant other. You can not reach out to them for any reason??? Do we still need to remind you; “you are at the core of everything we do”.

Why We Find You The Best Matches?

Simply because we have developed a complex and unique algorithm along with artificial intelligence aid. Each of your matches is specifically handpicked according to every user’s profile and preferences. In short, it’s a journey of finding a soulmate.

Twin A Soulmate Or Soulmate A Twin

“Twinning a soulmate or soulmate a twin The ultimate virtual dating and befriending experience”
“But I like her”
“I never thought I will like him in that way”
“We started as friends then one thing led to another
“That was a love at first sight, however, we decided at the end to remain friends”
We have all heard these lines before, and on many occasions even said them, that’s why in twinning, we give you the freedom to express how others mean to you at any point in time.
You got the option to Twin a soulmate, or soulmate a twin, or un-match them, you are in control

We Connect Your Hearts

Our app helps you to find a friend and soulmate through our single platform along with gifting, booking flights, hotel services and you can also apply for a visa. We provide this complete set of services to make sure what we have started remains connected forever. That is why we say ” We bring your hearts closer”

What Makes Us Unique!

Booking Services

You can’t wait to meet your soulmate in person!! We partner with the best worldwide online travel agencies to make this dream of yours come true. We provide you the best and cheapest flight and hotel booking services along with applying for visa services.


Connecting you to the right person is done through our series of processes along with AI to make sure you are perfectly matched.

Send Gifts

You can’t travel to meet your soulmate/twin, we partnered with many online gifts and Souvenirs shops to enable you to send gifts to your loved ones in a safe and secure environment where you decide what info can be shared with the receiver if any at all.

Your Data is Secure

All your data is encrypted and highly secure while we make sure you have hassle free user experiece.

Find Matches Worldwide

You can choose the city of your choice to find your soulmate and also choose between the twin cities to find your twins

Twin or Soulmate

You can choose the city of your choice to find your soulmate and also choose between the twin cities to find your twins

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